Top Reference Recordings Moments of 2011

We're really looking forward to a great 2012, but we can't completely move on without wrapping up what has been a great 2011 for Reference Recordings!

Top Moments of 2011:

Britten's Orchestra Wins the Grammy Award for the Best Surround Sound Album!

Category 94
Best Surround Sound Album
For vocal or instrumental albums. Albums only.

Michael Stern & Kansas City Symphony
Keith O. Johnson, surround mix engineer; Keith O. Johnson, surround mastering engineer
David Frost, surround producer
[Reference Recordings]

To order RR-120SACD or to order RR-120HDCD or HR-120 (HRx)

We wish to extend our congratulations to all who were instrumental in bringing this outstanding album to life:
Kansas City Symphony Conductor: Michael Stern; Executive Director: Frank Byrne
Producer: David Frost (also Grammy winner for Producer of the Year, Classical)
Engineer: Keith O. Johnson
DSD Transfer and SA-CD Authoring: Graemme Brown, Zen Mastering
Reference Recordings Staff: Tam Henderson, Marcia Martin, Sean Martin, Bill Roarty, Janice Mancuso

And very special thanks to all the Sponsors of the Kansas City Symphony
without whom this recording could not have been made.

Doug MacLeod

What a year it's been for Fresh! From Reference Recordings and new artist Doug MacLeod!

The ball got rolling with a great performance from Doug at our U.S. Distributor (Allegro)'s Sale Conference, and has just continued to gain momentum. With not one, but TWO nominations from the Blues Foundation, Doug MacLeod and Brand New Eyes have been raking in the headlines! And most recently, awarded Brand New Eyes a "Jimi Award" for best Acoustic Blues album of 2011!

Mike Garson

It's always fun to learn new things about our artists, and one of the highlights for Reference Recordings this year was all of the great interviews that surfaced with Mike Garson for his new The Bowie Variations release!

First was the great interview from, and then came the multi-part archival interview sessions from Independent Ethos! These interviews coupled with all of the wonderful reviews and excitement from David Bowie fans made for a great 2011 for RR!

A look to the future in Dallas

Another highlight of the year was our recording trip to Dallas! It was a tremendous success with the warm, welcoming, and wonderful Dallas Wind Symphony and the fantastic Jim Cullen Jazz Band! Not only did we have fun with the recording, but we also had a blast sharing pictures, video, and more from behind the scenes! We'll have even more great footage from the sessions closer to the actual releases, but for now, you can get a taste with some of the videos on our YouTube Channel!

T.H.E. Show - Newport

In June, we had a great time participating in the first T.H.E. Show! It was a great beginning for a new U.S. consumer audio show, and we have some fun plans for the 2012 show, so make sure to get the details here, and join us!

Holiday Sale!

And Don't Forget that the Holiday Sale goes through NOON (Pacific) January 2nd!

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