Mike Garson Collaborations

Mike Garson is more than just Bowie Variations, and today we have some fantastic examples to prove it!

The first example is a collaboration between Garson and photographer Alex Boyd. We recently posted a picture of Alex's here on this blog when we talked about Mike Garson being featured on the cover of Keyboard Magazine. The picture that was used was taken by Mr. Boyd, who has a long working relationship with Mr. Garson. Alex Boyd recently created a set of "contemplative imagery" called "The Sonnets," and Mike Garson has set the collection to music! Find out more on Alex Boyd's Website, and listen to the full tracks below:

But The Sonnets aren't the only recent collaboration between Mike Garson and other forms of art — at a recent concert, Garson performed with a local painter (Ann Crouch) to put music behind the creation of a painting. Talk about a true work of art! Take a look and listen right here:

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