Sing Out! Reviews Brand New Eyes

Folk Music magazine Sing Out! published a glowing review of Fresh! From Reference Recordings release Brand New Eyes! We'll give you a taste of these quotes and then link you to Sing Out!'s website.

From SingOut!:

"When you close your eyes and listen to Doug MacLeod, it's difficult to decide what you like best, his expressive guitar technique or his passionate approach to vocals. Both are exemplary and have been over the past 16 releases. The title track, alone, is enough to stop traffic...

"...there are few who can touch MacLeod for authenticity. And, for a player whose guitar playing was once referred to as 'sparse,' skip forward to the 7th track, 'Somewhere South of Somewhere,' in which MacLeod's breath-taking instrumental is anything but. The vocal that steers 'I Rolled A Nickel' is artful in its ability to conjure a soul bleeding itself out. The combination of resophonic guitar and elements of slide further extend its aura...

"...songs like 'Midnight in Memphis' (the sole co-write) single-handedly redefines the potential of acoustic blues to deliver a well-placed goose bump. The final track is a highlight as 'Welcome In Your Home' closes off the party with a memorable slide workout and of the album's most heartfelt vocals — classic MacLeod. It's the perfect soundtrack to, as he hopes, encourage us all to look at the world around us afresh, with Brand New Eyes." - Eric Thom, Sing Out!

Thank you so much to Eric Thom and Sing Out! Magazine for such a wonderful and thorough review. We highly suggest you find out more about them at!

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"Welcome In Your Home"

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