Mike Garson Live Online Tonight!

The Mike Garson Trio (Mike Garson piano, Roberto Miranda bass, Bert Karl drums) will be broadcast live on Network Concerts from their concert tonight at Blue Whale!

The concert will air at 8:30pm Pacific at NetworkConcerts.com!

About Network Concerts:

After decades of recording countless shows, we have developed an appreciation for the excellent hard-working musicians that actually create the music that you hear onstage. Behind all the smoke and fire and bright spotlights focused on the front of the stage, the real magic happens back in the shadows, often unseen by the audience in front.

Unseen – but NOT unheard! If you follow style over substance; if you are all Show and no Go, then you may learn something new here at Network Concerts. We can sum up our mission statement in one phrase: We’re here for the music. We focus our attention on the musicians – not the fashion statement.

We want you to learn about these incredible musicians in the same way we have learned. Watch – and listen. You will soon find that it doesn’t matter if the artist is playing piano, or guitar, or congas, or vibes; talent is talent, and it deserves your attention. You will learn to appreciate the sound of the instruments, the knowledge of the music, and how to interact creatively with other musicians onstage. We think you’ll enjoy our program and come back for more.

About Blue Whale:

Blue Whale is a live jazz bar located in the heart of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.
Blue Whale boasts excellent live music, great food, and unprecedented interior
in an intimate, yet upscale atmosphere.

Join us for live music on Tuesday through Saturday nights and jam session
hosted by special guest every Tuesday night from 8pm till 1am.

For those that can't tune in this evening, NetworkConcerts Archives their shows!

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