Behind the Scenes of The Bowie Variations

Mike Garson and The Bowie Variations are featured on the December 2011 cover of Keyboard Magazine. The story takes readers into the "Recording Chain" that was used by RR's own "Prof" Keith O. Johnson.

The Recording Chain:

Take a look through the pictures here, and read "Prof" Keith O. Johnson's description of the session at!

Bowie Variations Passive Console
Bowie Variations Multiple Mic Pres Onstage
Bowie Variations Mic Pre and Mic
Bowie Variations Stage Setup

The Bowie Variations

“Whatever Mike lends his hands to invariably becomes something magical.”–David Bowie.

Track Listing: 1 Space Oddity; 2 John, I’m Only Dancing; 3 Life On Mars; 4 Heroes; 5 Ashes To Ashes; 6 Variations on “Changes”; 7 Let's Dance; 8 Battle For Britain/Loneliest Guy/Disco King; 9 Tribute to David; 10 Wild is the Wind; Bonus Track: 11 Space Oddity–take 2

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