Audiophile Audition reviews The Bowie Variations

John Henry of Audiophile Audition published a thorough review of Mike Garson's RR release, The Bowie Variations this past weekend. The review gets into the heart of the works, and the influences that surrounded the pieces. It's a highly informative read, so we encourage you to find the full review on

From Audiophile Audition:

Mike Garson, piano - The Bowie Variations; 4/5 stars

"Garson doesn’t just do straight jazz treatments of these tunes; he moves thru classical, pop and even avant-garde genres here and there. Most interesting. And if you have proper HDCD decoding on your player, preamp or receiver, you’ll be hearing the best possible sonics from 44.1K CDs, living up to the audiophile standards of Reference Recordings." –John Henry

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