RMAF Recap

2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Recap!

October 14-16, we went to the Denver Tech Center Marriott for the 8th edition of Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF). This low-key, high-tech consumer audio show is presented by members of the Colorado Audio Society and Red Rock Audio, produced and ably directed by Marjorie Baumert.

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest's first show appeared in October, 2004. Members of the Colorado Audio Society wanted a local audio show to further the Society's goal of expanding public awareness of high end audio.

This show has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and successful gatherings of audio enthusiasts in North America. It now attracts audio consumers, retail dealers, equipment designers, manufacturers and music media representatives from across the nation and around world. RR has been participating since 2006 when Ray Kimber invited us to share an exhibit table with Sennheiser headphones as part of Kimber's large and always impressive showing at RMAF. RMAF not only showcases a vast array of high-end audio designs, there's a special headphone-oriented show within the show called CanJam offering a fantastic opportunity to sample the world's best headphones and headphone amplifiers.

This year, RR joined a variety of music makers, record companies and resellers in the large Evergreen Ballroom. Like a big record swap or bazaar, each of us had several tables and spent 3 days talking to customers and selling our music in an ever-expanding number of formats.
RR was thrilled to be debuting our new LPs - The Minnesota Orchestra "Firebird and Song of the Nightingale" - never before issued on vinyl! and our re-issue of the popular "From the Age of Swing", pianist Dick Hyman's 'little big band' recording of classical jazz.

Marvelous playback of the RR LPs in demonstration rooms hosted by speaker maker Magico, analogue specialists Musical Surroundings and 'tube god' VTL sent a steady stream of fans to purchase copies at our booth.

After the long production period, seeing folks pick-up and gently hold their new RR LPs was exciting! Sorry, no pictures - too graphic!

High resolution digital, computer based audio was very much in evidence at this show too. Over 20 of the more than 150 exhibitors featured our HRx releases as part of their music playback. Awareness and use of music files is growing fast. We spent a lot less time explaining what it is and sold a lot more than last show. ComputerAudiophile.com founder Chris Connaker was in attendance and smiling like a proud papa.

Of course, no consumer show would be complete without the opportunity to dig through stacks of nice used LPs brought in by local record shops catering to lovers of well-preserved vinyl. Hard to leave without a few new ones for the collection!

Oh, but RR doesn’t live by music alone! Good, local food and beverage are always on our radar and Denver comes through! Buffalo burgers abound and for whatever reason, great celery greeted us. Yes, that simple veggie impressed us enough on several occasions to mention it here! On draft, a local rye lager called Hoss (like Cartwright?) was consumed and our last supper in town took us out of the hotel and downtown to the Lodo district for some world-class tapas at 9th Door. Thanks to acoustical wizard Bob Hodas for the ride and the company.

Our next opportunity to get out of town will be THE Show Las Vegas in January 2012 and in June 2012, we'll be back in Newport Beach, CA celebrating the 2nd birthday of the new consumer show there.

Come out & meet us!

—Janice Manusco

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