Downbeat reviews The Bowie Variations

Iconic Jazz and Blues magazine Downbeat has a review of Mike Garson's RR Release The Bowie Variations in their November 2011 issue. We thought we would share a couple of the quotes with you for the weekend.

From Downbeat Magazine:

"Mike Garson is the perfect and logical candidate to delve into [David Bowie's] music...His doing so as a solo (though sometimes overdubbed) piano album makes the project much more personal...

"...On the 'Battle for Britain/Loneliest Guy/Disco King,' Garson culled solos he played on those late-era Bowie album cuts into an emotionally far-reaching medley—The Garson-Bowie Variations, so to speak. The album's sole original, 'The Tribute to David,' Flows with an impressionistic fluidity that mirrors Bowie's career." - Yoshi Kato

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