Doug MacLeod at The Pearl in Dallas!

Wednesday night, I had the distinct pleasure of finally seeing Fresh! From RR artist Doug MacLeod perform in person! Not only did I get to hear Doug at the wonderful venue in Dallas, "The Pearl at Commerce," I also got to hear Doug on the local radio station KNON on the way over. The radio time definitely made for a fun last twenty minutes of the drive over to Dallas (from Fort Worth). If you follow RR on Twitter or frequent the Facebook Page, you'll have noticed some of the pictures we posted during the night. Lucky for you we have a few more as well as some videos. You'll have to excuse the quality on these as both the pictures and video were taken with my phone. But hopefully the fine musicianship and absolute command of the stage that Doug possesses still ring true.

- David Weuste (RR Social Media)

Meeting the fans
Adding his signature to a well-traveled guitar
He got some "Brand New Eyes"
"It'll go exactly like this"
"Turkey Leg Woman"
About to start
Getting into it
Setting up
"Meeting fans & making friends"
A spontaneous reunion with a longtime friend

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