Kris Becker raves about "The Bowie Variations"

Composer/Songrwiter/Keyboardist Kris Becker, weighs in on Mike Garson's The Bowie Variations via email (used with permission):


I've been listening to your BOWIE VARIATIONS over time, in order to soak it in. Loved it upon first hearing but wanted to get on the inside of it a bit more.

My favorites are hard to pick, since it's all so great...
Kris Becker
All in all, I love many things about your creativity in this project. One that stands out to me in addition to all the melodic/rhythmic/harmonic/textural things is your arrangement. You often chose an alternate part of the song to begin with (such as a chorus) instead of the literal beginning. Or focus on a specific section of a song altogether. Expert.

Thanks for giving this great idea to the world, Mike! I love it.


First off, we have to thank Kris Becker for allowing us to post these kind sentiments. Make sure to stop by his website -

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