Dallas Wind Symphony Recording Sessions Day 2

The second day of the recording sessions went fantastically and were filled with great musical moments, fun, and a lot of hard work on the part of the RR staff, the DWS staff, and of course the DWS musicians.

Here's a look behind the scenes of today's sessions:

Getting ready for the next session

Where the magic happens

RR fans should recognize the logo on this...


Getting ready to start again

Warm-up time!

Jerry Junkin takes the stage

Ready to make music

The Dallas Wind Symphony

Closeup of the musicians

The best seat in the house

Keith O. Johnson at the controls

Kim Campbell looking over the producer's shoulders

Quittin time

We've called it a day, back for more tomorrow

Backstage after the session

Comparing notes

Sean Martin having a deserved rest after a long day of recording

We have some videos for you that we should have up tomorrow. We hope you've enjoyed coming behind the scenes!

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