Mike Garson Featured on BowieNet

Mike Garson's newest release on Reference Recordings, "The Bowie Variations" will be coming out this month, and THE David Bowie website and fan forum is just as excited about it as we are. BowieNet not only did a great feature on the album, but also gave some ways to pre-order autographed copies and hinted that they will be running a giveaway contest very soon.

Here's a great bit from the BowieNet post:

"I asked Mike if this particular project was one he had been considering for long, as he had played his own interpretations of Bowie's music both at the final Hammersmith show in 1973 and with the Mike Garson Band in 1974 as warm-ups in both cases for David's main performance Here's what he said..."This is a very important album for me as I've been contemplating doing David's songs for almost 40 years and to do it solo piano seemed by far the most honest way for me."

And David Bowie himself said of the album, "Whatever Mike lends his hands to invariably becomes something magical."

It's a really fun write-up with all sorts of great pictures. So, we'll link to it here and encourage you to take a look!

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