Positive Feedback Reviews Concord Chamber Music Release

Karl Lozier from Positive Feedback Online reviews our newest Reference Recordings release featuring the Concord Chamber Music Society.

From Positive-Feedback.com:
"The sound quality seems to present quality almost the equal of the better SACD recordings. The outstanding audio is the equal of any CD quality that I have ever heard and plays on any regular player. The listening perspective is a bit closer up than usual and beautifully captured in great natural detail... [Chris Brubeck] uses the abilities and personalities of the performers who are to be in the inaugural performance of the composition in the conception phase and that was done in this instance and I find it to be extremely interesting..."

"There are five of them [Line Drawings] in this composition and as with the other selections on this recording the performances must be outstanding and the recorded audio quality is what I must refer to as being of demonstration quality for CD recordings; it doesn't get any better with CD unless you go to SACD...

...[Lukas Foss' Central Park Reel is] a fitting end to a group of contemporary compositions in this issue's reviews that try not to stray too far from the well known. This release is receiving my top recommendation even though you may not instantly love every note, every note is beautifully recorded."

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Brubeck, Gandolfi and Foss

BRUBECK - danza del soul: I. Introductions and Flirtations; II. The Loneliness of Secrets; III. Celebra├žion de Vida. Artists: Wendy Putnam, violin; Thomas Martin, clarinet; Vytas Baksys, piano; Owen Young, cello; Lawrence Wolfe, bass; Daniel Bauch, percussion

GANDOLFI - line drawings: I. Canon, Cut and Paste; II. A Farewell to Old Friends; III. Hidden Variable; IV. Obbligato Aria; V. Chickens. Artists: Wendy Putnam, violin; Thomas Martin, clarinet; Vytas Baksys, piano

FOSS - central park reel; Wendy Putnam, violin; Vytas Baksys, piano.

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