Doug MacLeod at the Doheny Blues Festival

Doug MacLeod was at the Doheny Blues Festival in California this past weekend, and he entertained quite the packed audience. The picture is from the Doheny Blues Festival Facebook Page. We wanted to share some video footage from it as well:

Blues 411 also published a quick review of Doug's Fresh From Reference Recordings release "Brand New Eyes" recently, so read along while listening/watching the video above. We think you'll definitely agree with the sentiments.

"Mr. MacLeod is one of America’s finest storytellers around. Whether it be a five word story or a tale of multiple verses, his honest roots and portrayal of his life experiences are nothing but true blues.

The belief that music is a great healer runs through Mr. MacLeods eleven song release. But in the title track he sets it up for all to see and hear. If one cannot see any good in the world then maybe it’s them and not the world, so it is high time to put on some ‘Brand New Eyes’. This new release is so comfortable that you feel like you are sitting in the living room with a dear friend (and that he is)."

Check out for more reviews.

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