New Doug MacLeod Playlist

There are a LOT of videos of Doug MacLeod on YouTube, and fortunately, just about all of them are great. But, we've made finding the great ones easier for you by creating a new Doug MacLeod Playlist on the Reference Recordings YouTube Channel. So now you can go right to the RR Channel, and watch 20 of the best Doug MacLeod videos all in one spot without needing to do any searching! You can also watch them all right here:

Brand New Eyes
Doug Macleod

Make sure to check out eleven original songs by Doug MacLeod recorded at Pacifica Studios and mastered by Grammy® winner, Keith O. Johnson.

Track Listing: Brand New Eyes, Something Dark is Walking, The Train of Change, Midnight in Memphis, Zu-Zu Woman, One Eyed Owl, Somewhere South of Somewhere (instrumental), I Rolled a Nickel, The Nature of the Man. Some Old Blues Song (aka I Can Count on My Blues). Welcome In Your Home

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