Doug MacLeod - Welcome in Your Home

The track "Welcome in Your Home" is the last track on Doug MacLeod's Fresh! release "Brand New Eyes." We came across a video of Doug performing the song, and we had to share, not because of the music, but because it showcases Doug the storyteller. The majority of the video isn't even the song, it's the lead up to the song. But it is in the pre-song stories that you see why his music resonates so well — it's original, and it's genuine.

Welcome in Your Home

Brand New Eyes
Doug Macleod

Make sure to check out eleven original songs by Doug MacLeod recorded at Pacifica Studios and mastered by Grammy® winner, Keith O. Johnson.

Track Listing: Brand New Eyes, Something Dark is Walking, The Train of Change, Midnight in Memphis, Zu-Zu Woman, One Eyed Owl, Somewhere South of Somewhere (instrumental), I Rolled a Nickel, The Nature of the Man. Some Old Blues Song (aka I Can Count on My Blues). Welcome In Your Home

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