"Prof" Keith O. Johnson & David Frost Win a Grammy!

2010 Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album

Reference Recordings is proud to report that our own 
have received a 2010 Grammy Award! 

Category 94
Best Surround Sound Album
For vocal or instrumental albums. Albums only.

Michael Stern & Kansas City Symphony
Keith O. Johnson, surround mix engineer; Keith O. Johnson, surround mastering engineer
David Frost, surround producer
[Reference Recordings}

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BTW: This is RR's first release in Surround Sound.

We wish to extend our congratulations to all who were instrumental in bringing this outstanding album to life:
Kansas City Symphony Conductor: Michael Stern; Executive Director: Frank Byrne
Producer: David Frost (2010 Grammy Nomination for Producer of the Year, Classical)
Engineer: Keith O. Johnson
Reference Recordings Staff: Tam Henderson, Marcia Martin, Sean Martin, Bill Roarty, Janice Mancuso

And very special thanks to all the Sponsors of the Kansas City Symphony
without whom this recording could not have been made.

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