Praise for Exotic Dances from the Opera SACD

Sometimes you stumble across things that simply make your day, and today we stumbled across a wonderful article of reviews in the UK's "Tottenham Journal". In the article, the author, Barry Forshaw, gives his "pick of the latest classical CD releases." When looking through, we were delighted to find this little bit about our Exotic Dances from the Opera SACD:

From the Tottenham Journal
By Barry Forshaw:


Minnesota Orchestra/Eiji Oue/Reference Recordings

Reference Recordings’ new commitment to the SACD medium has borne impressive fruit with their award-winning issue Britten’s Orchestra, which has deservedly gleaned many plaudits. This rejigging of one of their earlier triumphs in newly minted SACD sound may not enjoy the same attention, but it is full of glorious and entertaining music from such composers as Richard Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov (along with some lesser-known names), and comes up as fresh as paint in the surround sound medium. One hopes that the company can be persuaded to do the same splendid revivifying work on their classic recordings of Respighi’s Belkis and Copland’s Third Symphony."

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