Proof from the Mike Garson Trivia Question

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a Reference Recordings Trivia Contest. One of the questions was "Which RR artist has played with Nine Inch Nails, Alicia Keys, Nnenna Freelon, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Smashing Pumpkins?" The answer, of course, is pianist Mike Garson. Mike Garson as you know is the featured pianist on our recent release "Pied Piper" along with flautist Jim Walker. Make sure to check out the Audiophile Audition review of that album if you haven't yet. Today, we thought it would be fun to share a little "proof" of the trivia in the form of videos of Mike Garson performing with the above-mentioned artists.

Here is Mike Garson performing with the band Nine Inch Nails. In the beginning of the video, the singer introduces him as one of the most influential musicians on his career.

Here is Mike Garson on piano with David Bowie and Alicia Keys performing the song "Changes"

Mike Garson performs the haunting song "My Death" with David Bowie

Mike Garson with vocalist Nnenna Freelon performing "It Don't Mean A Thing"

Mike Garson performing on the track "Widower" for the band "The Dillinger Escape Plan" (not a live video unfortunately)

Mike Garson performing with the Smashing Pumpkins live on Regis and Kathy Lee (that should date the video for you)

To get Mike Garson's latest release "Pied Piper" visit

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