Michael Gandolfi talks about "Line Drawings"

One of the next big recording projects that Reference Recordings will be working on will feature the Concord Chamber Players. The album will feature a world-premeire recording of Grammy-nominated composer Michael Gandolfi's piece "Line Drawings." In an article in the Concord Journal, Michael Gandolfi speaks with area high school students about the piece. Here are some excerpts from the presentation:

From the Concord Journal
CCHS students treated to chamber music lecture, performance
By Patrick Ball

"... Using a slideshow, Gandolfi how told the students how his piece, called “Line Drawings,” was inspired by Picasso’s line drawings and discussed the compositional process.

A Grammy-nominated composer, Gandolfi said his hands were on the piano as he came up with much of his 23-minute piece, which features five movements: “Cannon Cut and Paste,” “A Farewell to Old Friends,” “Hidden Variable,” “Obligato Aria” and “Chickens.”..."

When asked about the influences from the piece Gandolfi said:

"'These days, in the field of contemporary music there is a plethora of styles,' he said. 'It’s liberating in a sense.'

The CCMS commissioned “Line Drawings” for the Concord Chamber Players to celebrate their 10th anniversary, but it was conceived with the intention that the premier of the work would include an educational component, according to Putnam, who is founder and director of CCMS."

Read the entire article, and watch a video of the presentation on wickedlocal.com!

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