The Absolute Sound 2011 High End Audio Buyer's Guide

The Absolute Sound's new issue (207) is highlighted by the 2011 High End Audio Buyer's Guide. In it they chose several of our albums for demo use, and we can't help but share their reactions with you!

From The Absolute Sound:

RR-120 -- Britten's Orchestra
"For me, the ideal demonstration disc combines both great music and great sound, be it something obscure from a major label or relatively mainstream music from an 'audiophile' label such as RR's recent (and brilliant) Britten's Orchestra... An instant classic of the recording art... breathtakingly airy, with magnificently convincing soundstage and imaging, superlative low-level detail, wide dynamics, and persuasive sense of bottom-end heft." --Wayne Garcia

RR-57 -- John Rutter Requiem
"A recording of deep acoustic space, an unearthly organ, and a richly-detailed assemblage of voices make this a challenging disc for revealing minutiae as well as venue scale and scope." --Neil Gader

"With the most spectacular sense of space captured on disc, this is an acid test for evaluating a component's preservation of low-level detail that contributes to the reproduction of the lush acoustic. Also a test for very low bass; the organ pedal points will pressurize the room if your speakers extend low enough." --Robert Harley

RR-96 -- Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances
"Supremely wide-ranging and dynamic, with powerful bass-drum thwacks and climaxes that open out gloriously, this may be Keith Johnson's best recording of a symphony orchestra (which is saying a lot)." --Paul Seydor

"This disc is particularly revealing of how well the system resolves gradations of tone color, which affects your ability to follow disparate musical lines... Listen to this on HRx at 176.4/24-bit and your jaw will drop." --Robert Harley

RR-111, The Chicago Sessions
"This disc nails the 'bite' and burnished glow of Clark Terry's trumpet, and the huge power and impact of full-on horn section dynamic swells--especially on "Moten Swing." Focused imaging and 3-D soundstages abound." --Chris Martens

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