More Customer reviews of "Pillow Book"

Here are some more reviews of "Pillow Book" from unpaid, unsolicited listeners like you!

The Curios - Pillow Book
5 Stars from: Kari Zaft-Gutierrez
This CD is quickly becoming my favorite! Always at the top of the stack.

You MUST own this CD!!
5 Stars from: Oswald McGumm
This is an incredible example of an independent musician sticking to her vision and producing a rich, deep, complex, fun and tremendously original work of musical art. You can tell that each song has a little piece of Nancy's heart attached to it and it's so entrenched within the cords and lyrics that it cannot escape. The musicians accompanying Nancy are among the most incredible I have heard in my life. Lee Parvin must have a grand piano shaped heart. You'll not be disappointed!

Enchanting and Amazing
5 Stars from: K. Hampton
The Curios newest CD, Pillow Book, is a mega force of creative, luscious chord changes and delicious harmonies paired with thoughtful and carefully chosen lyrics. I find a new favorite song each time I listen and the haunting melodies stay with me. I have caught myself humming over and over which can only mean, I'm hooked. BRILLIANT work Nancy and Lee; thank you for another solid masterpiece. Enjoying the heck out of it! xo

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