As we stated yesterday, both of our new upcoming albums will be released in eco-friendly Digipaks! What are Digipaks? Well, today we're going to tell you!

Digipak is a patent style of CD or DVD packaging. It comes in a gate fold (or tri-fold) paperboard binding, rather than in oil-based plastic. Most Digipaks are made of Recycled paper and packaging, but again, the biggest benefit is that they use less plastic. And a big note for our green fans, there is a 95% reduction in "packaging emissions" when we use Digipaks instead of the plastic jewel cases. But one of the other benefits of the Digipak is that it's less likely to break, snap, or otherwise get damaged in the way that jewel cases do. Also, they are much easier to open. But most importantly, they look really cool! If you look at the picture, our albums will be a little different. The CD will sit in the middle rather than one of the sides.

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