Tutti SACD Sampler review!

SA-CD.net has reviewed our Tutti! SACD Sampler:

Review by Castor August 6, 2010
Sonics: 5/5 Stars

Tutti!’ is Reference Recordings first release on SACD of a selection of excerpts from some of their many audiophile recordings made over the past fourteen years. The majority of those featured on this sampler date from 1996-7 and it is perhaps a shame that some more recent ones were not included. Unlike their first multi-channel release, Britten's Orchestra - Michael Stern this hybrid SACD consists solely of 2-channel recordings.

As can be seen from the listing above, the chosen excerpts have been carefully compiled to provide a balanced program of mostly classical works that will showcase some of the finest of Prof. Johnson’s recordings as well as give a taste of a selection of the best performances to be found in the Reference Recordings catalogue. The playing time is a generous 71’33”. One excerpt, only to be found on this sampler, is Eiji Oue’s ‘E.C.F.’, an engaging Bernstein/Coplandesque piece, and the third of five symphonic sketches that comprise his suite ‘Presque Isle’...

... It need hardly be said that the sound quality throughout the disc is excellent whether CD, HDCD or SACD. Not surprisingly the SACD immediately showed its superiority over RBCD with smoother, more detailed sound, greater depth and clearer identification of the position of individual instruments, all typical characteristics of the high resolution format. The casual blind testing with friends, referred to above, confirmed this conclusion..."

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