Happy Cinco de Mayo! Throw a Fiesta!

To help our neighbors to the south commemorate this fun holiday, today we're featuring our album "Fiesta!" Fiesta! features the conductor Howard Dunn and the Dallas Wind Symphony.

South-of-the-border music for band by Gould, Reed, Williams, Nixon and Perkins. "Exceptional in dynamic range, transient response, overall clarity, and--most of all--realistic differentiation of instrumental timbres."—Fanfare

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by purchasing Fiesta!

Track listing:

  1. La Fiesta Mexicana: Prelude and Aztec Dance
  2. La Fiesta Mexicana: Mass
  3. La Fiesta Mexicana: Carnival
  4. Santa Fé Saga
  5. Symphonic Dance No. 3, "Fiesta"
  6. Fiesta Del Pacífico
  7. Fandango

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