A Fun Timeline by J. Gordon Holt

We just wanted to share this fun timeline published originally by J. Gordon Holt of Stereophile Magazine. We just thought some timeline perspective would be fun as we prepare to roll back out LPs this year and as we prepare to launch our very first...we can't spoil that surprise yet sorry...

Where We Are and How We Got Here By J. Gordon Holt • March, 1982

As another Consumer Electronics Show rolls around, we are seeing some interesting and not-entirely encouraging things taking place in the audio field. The people for whom high fidelity was originally intended—so-called serious music listeners —have abandoned audio almost completely, leaving the pursuit of perfect music reproduction to a group of hobbyists who have more interest in hardware than in music. This, plus the recession, has almost killed middle-fi, which is now flailing out in all directions looking for a new market. Here's how it all came to pass:...read the timeline on Stereophile.com

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