Celebration Sale!!

We are having a celebration sale between now and May 24th! So to get you as excited about this as we are, we're highlighting the items that you can save 15% on when you buy 3 or more!

We've got releases encompassing all of our available formats in this sale. And today our featured sale item is a remastered HDCD!

RR-56 - newly remastered with HDCD

Master percussionist Jim Brock features the music of guitar wizard Van Manakas, with bass, drums, keyboards and winds.

From the Tango stylings of Argentina to the celebrations of Brazil, LETTERS FROM THE EQUATOR, takes the armchair traveler on an exciting journey into the furthest regions a sound system can reproduce. "Prof." Keith Johnson has made a new high-resolution digital transfer from the original analogue masters, with much-improved sonics. This has long been one of RR's highly-regarded studio productions, of dynamic and colorful originals with a Latin tinge. If the first release escaped you, don't hesitate about this significant re-issue, still only $12.98. NOW AVAILABLE!

Track Listing:Jumbie Dance; Cantina; Cholla; Lovers’ Eyes; Letters from the Equator; Smile Elis; Los Pompas; Twenty-Nine Palms; Jordan

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RR-56 HDCD - Letters from the Equator - $12.98 - discount item

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