Some Insight from Jim Brock

We recently released a re-mastered, HDCD version of master percussionist Jim Brock's album "Letters from the Equator" and today we thought we'd share a brief statement from Jim Brock about the album:

After the success of Tropic Affair, I was asked to make another recording for the San Francisco based label Reference Recordings. I thought how nice it would be to do a co-bill with the guitarist Van Manakas. Van and I were fortunate to have been part of the pioneering of a musical movement called New Age, working with the Windham Hill label in the early 80s. After years on the road together we came together again to make this recording. Don't be fooled. This recording is strong and dangerous!

Brock's multi-hued percussion is joined by the soaring guitar sounds of composer/guitarist Van Manakas. Upbeat grooves and many world-jazz flavors make this a varied, exciting sound experience.

Master percussionist and RR bestseller Jim Brock, well known from "Tropic Affair," plays impressively on this album and also features the music of guitar wizard Van Manakas, with bass, drums, keyboards and winds.

Make sure to get your copy of the remastered Letters From the Equator today!

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