The Red Norvo Quintet

As you should know by now, we have recently released the compilation Jazz Kaleidoscope. On this release, the very first track features the Red Norvo Quintet performing Rhee Waahnee. So today we thought we would tell you a little about the album this track comes from, and share a great video we came across on YouTube!


The Forward Look was one of our early releases (1981), and is a live performance captured by the budding "Professor" on his first vacuum-tube, three-channel analogue recorder on New Year's Eve, 1957. One of the most natural-sounding presentations ever of a live acoustic jazz group. Features: Jimmy Wyble, guitar; Jerry Dodgion reeds; Red Wootten, bass; John Markham, drums.
"The sound is spectacular. 8 / 9" --CD Review

We recently came across this wonderful YouTube clip of an old movie where Red Norvo is the musician in the scene, so we thought it would be a fun one to share!

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