Letters from the Equator - Original Customer Reviews

Since we've recently re-released a remastered version of Jim Brock's album "Letters from the Equator," we thought we would share some of the original customer feedback!

"Brock Rocks"
By Gerard Dionne "high eq"

Jim Brock embodies the the first generation of American drummers who were as influenced by Third World Music (well before it was known as such) as by the music Boomers heard on the radio in the 50s and 60s. He's a true master musician with a clear and radiant vision of music's place in the universe. Go ahead, listen. Do you hear any angst, any neurosis, or underlying philosophy of What's the use? No, oh ye lovers of existential mire, you'll find none of that here; only the cool, healing waters from that place where spirit and sound come together.

And Van Manakas is a good player, too. Y'all enjoy!

"It's Always Hot At The Equator"
By "eggroll473"

I first heard Van Manakas's guitar playing on the Tunnels disk called "Percy Jones With Tunnels". I didn't know what to think of him at first until I purchased a copy of "Letters From The Equator". A playing style all his own and an excellent style as well. Musically this recording is great! Accompanied by Jim Brock on percussion and a Professor Johnson recording, this disk is a winner! If you like guitar music that isn't just technical ability and you liked Van's work with Tunnels than I strongly recommend this disk to you.

Make sure you get your copy of Letters from the Equator today!

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