Joel Fan Concert Response and News

Last weekend, Joel Fan performed in Oakland, California, and a few of the Reference Recordings staff were able to make it to the concert. We were (as always) wowed by his extremely fine playing. Joel played an extremely difficult program and pulled it off tremendously! We especially enjoyed hearing him play the ferociously difficult Scriabin #5 and Schoenberg Opus 11 — both of which we had not heard him play before.

Also during Joel's visit to the Bay Area, we were able to have some productive meetings. (This is where it gets really exciting) In those meetings we began discussing not one, but TWO upcoming recording projects with Joel Fan on Reference Recordings! We hope this excites you as much as it excites us!

We'll keep you updated via Facebook and Twitter on where Joel is performing, so make sure to see him live. And when you do tell us your thoughts directly!

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