Featuring Keith O. Johnson

We can't believe we haven't shared this with you before, but it came up again in a recent feed, so we weren't going to miss the opportunity this time! This is a feature on our very own "Prof" Keith O. Johnson on UltraAudio.com

Prof. Keith O. Johnson Gives Digital a Soul

Who is KOJ?

Most of us lesser mortals struggle through life, clinging tenaciously to the base of Jim Carroll’s proverbial pyramid, hoping to fashion our few grains of silica into something that sounds good. A few, however, simply impress their indelible soles on the sands of time and proceed unhurriedly to the apex. Names such as Plato, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Marie Curie, Mother Theresa, and Albert Einstein immediately come to mind.

Members of another elite group reach the pinnacle of Carroll’s pyramid through selfless, dedicated, invaluable lifelong contributions to society in their chosen endeavors. However, their names and deeds almost always pale into insignificance, conjuring up nothing in the mind of the common man. Nevertheless, some facet of their creativity or genius inevitably embraces our daily life.

One such person is Keith de Osma Johnson (KOJ), Fellow, Silver Lifetime Achievement, and Lifetime Member of the Audio Engineering Society. KOJ studied computer science, biology, and music at UCLA, and did his graduate studies in electronics at Stanford University. For most of his life, for good and sufficient reason, his name has been prefaced by the honorific "Professor"; most in the high end know KOJ as Prof. Keith O. Johnson...Click to read the full article on UltraAudio.com

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