What People are Saying?

Want to know what people are saying about RR or Britten's Orchestra? Well, we'll share a little with you, but if you really want to know, you'll follow us on Twitter!

From @bengl3rt: hey @RefRecordings thanks for the #FF! If you're interested in insanely good classical recordings, check these guys out :)

From @audiophilia: #Audiophilia @RefRecordings HRx DVD-R Data Discs http://tinyurl.com/yeffvma The new digital audio domain? #audiophile

From @ClassicalReview: Exciting mail today. My Joep Franssens CD arrived, and so did a review copy of Britten's Orchestra (thanks, @RefRecordings!).

From @ClassicalReview: Excitedly putting on Britten's Orchestra - the new disc from @RefRecordings ...

From @ClassicalReview: My warm thanks to @RefRecordings for sending me Britten's Orchestra - a CD I'll no doubt return to.

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