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Today we would like to share a review of Britten's Orchestra from Anthony Kershaw at Audiohilia: the Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile:

Britten’s Orchestra — Stern/Kansas City Symphony/Reference Recordings
by Anthony Kershaw

Its fourth music director, Michael Stern (son of violinist, Issac), has secured the recording services of Reference Recordings and the amazing recording engineer, Prof. Keith Johnson. Johnson’s recordings with Reference are legendary. Audiophiles know and love them, the mainstream should follow suit.

The first Reference/KC release was The Tempest, and very good it was. The orchestra is in good shape and under the firm guidance of a good musician. The programming was unique and very well played and recorded. But, the music was not too demanding technically. In Britten’s Orchestra, we find Benjamin Britten throwing the kitchen sink at the orchestra. How did they fare?...

To read the review in it's entirety, please visit or click HERE.

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