Reference Recordings News

For those that don't follow us on Twitter (@RefRecordings), we decided we would catch you up on some important happenings at Reference Recordings.

The first and most exciting is that Reference Recordings is working on the equipment to make LP releases again. That is very good news for those analog lovers out there. And of course, the reason that this is such a major undertaking for us is that we make sure that the quality of our output is up to our standards. So, as you are reading this, the Reference Recordings guru "Prof." Keith O. Johnson and long-time mastering engineer Paul Stubblebine are making significant progress tweaking the LP cutting lathe to perfection. So, new lacquers for LP releases will be cut soon. And as always, you will find the most up-to-date information here on the blog, however, for real-time updates, follow us on Twitter!

Secondly, have you ever wondered how your computer or iPod knows all the track metadata for a recording? Well, Reference Recordings founder and producer Tam Henderson has dedicated this month to meticulously going through the huge database at Gracenote to make sure the info about all the Reference Recordings is accurate. You should see the data improvements soon!

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