Fun Something for you Audiophiles

Okay, since most of our fans consider themselves to be "Audiophiles" we thought we would share a find with you - especially since they used one of our recordings!

The Star Tribune (a Minneapolis, Minnesota Paper) has a blogger who is hosting a contest to test your audiophile ears. We think you might find this enjoyable, and are equally interested in the results.

So, here is the write-up from Randy Salas:

Can you tell the difference between an MP3 and its CD version? Try this test to see.

Whenever I write about MP3s, I invariably receive comments from people decrying the quality of the compressed audio files. So I thought I'd put together this MP3 Challenge to see if the people who complain really know what they're talking about. I was one of those people -- until I got past the regurgitated arguments against MP3s that stemmed from the early years, when they really were bad. The key with MP3s is the bitrate -- the higher the number, the better the quality (and the more space the files consume on hard drives). Amazon and iTunes offer most downloads at 256 kilobits per second -- good enough for most people. The highest bitrate is 320kbps, available at several classical music sites and what I've ripped my collection at.

So, Go to the TAKE MY MP3 CHALLENGE Page now and test your ears!

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