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The following is an excerpt from an article found on ultraaudio.com from August 1.

XLO/Reference Recordings Test & Burn-in CD

It’s amazing how many of us fail to connect equipment properly. How many more do not read manufacturers’ instructions until a problem is encountered? For these and many other very sound technical reasons, the XLO/Reference Recordings Test & Burn-in CD (Reference RX-1000) should be an integral part of every audiophile’s gear.

There are many similar CDs in the marketplace, but I guarantee that anyone using this disc competently will achieve satisfactory results. I religiously play it at moderate levels in repeat mode every six months or thereabouts, when I’m away from home. After a few hours, the sonic results are always remarkable -- somewhat analogous to polishing and buffing a car after washing it.

The disc helps you do the following:

  1. Verify that your system’s left and right channels are properly wired for all input sources
  2. Ensure that your stereo system is properly balanced
  3. Ensure that your loudspeakers are wired in phase
  4. Tweak the placement of loudspeakers relative to your sweet spot
  5. Improve the acoustics of your listening environment, where necessary
  6. Demagnetize your entire system
  7. Burn in new components
  8. Enjoy nine music tracks from the Reference Recordings catalog recorded in HDCD format by engineering wizard Keith O. Johnson

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