What people say about Joel Fan

Well, after yesterday's post on Joel Fan's newest album, I would like to put up some quotes about what was said about Fan's last album World Keys.

JOEL FAN is a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, and has appeared with the group internationally. WORLD KEYS is an imaginative collection of virtuoso piano works from all over: Europe, China, the Middle East, and traditional concert pieces by Prokofiev, Schumann and Liszt.
UPC # 0 30911 111062 8 Total Time 67:00 Single HDCD® disc – MSRP $16.98

RR-106 HDCD - Released July 2007

“An entertaining presentation that invites thoughts about music's underlying relationships and shows this pianist as an expressive and intelligent artist, as well as a sophisticated citizen of the world.” —All Music Guide

“...dazzled by this musician, whose sensitivity allows him to give to each piece the color of the country that inspires him...The production of this HDCD recording is superb.” —Reine Lessard, Ultra High Fidelity

“Fan plays it all authoritatively with sensitivity to the unique flavor of each work. He leaves the listener hankering for more of everything...” —Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound

World Keys was named the Best Classical Album in 2006 by The Absolute Sound and was #3 on the Billboard Classical charts.

So, if that isn't endorsement enough for Mr. Fan, we'll be back tomorrow to talk about what others are already saying about West of the Sun.

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